For Honor Beta. I shouldn’t be surprised when a beta works..

Have gaming companies trained us to have low expectations?

It’s always a good surprise when I get invited to a closed beta. I have always carried a sense of pride from the “old days” of getting a beta invite for Diablo II for example. Normally, a beta can be a frustrating experience. Searching for solutions to strange launch issues, completely broken feature sets, or, not being able to launch a client for a game entirely.

Great fun with pointy things!

Enter: For Honor! This is a game that I have been very much looking forward to. After watching the completion bar chug away to finish around 20 GB, I regrettably navigated Ubisofts game platform (yay, another platform to worry about) I anxiously launched the beta works! Other than annoying pop up about “system requirements” (which just went away eventually), I was actually able to play the tutorial.

For Honor was surprisingly fun and satisfying. The tutorial was well done and helpful. I also thought the prerequisite battle required to join multiplayer was a great idea. Although I only played the Dominion mode, the experience went along way to coerce e out of 60$ when it launches.

A glorified demo?

although I did give some feedback as far as the issue I encountered, I felt that this served as more of a demo than beta. Maybe Ubisoft exceeded at making me get excited to get ready for the real thing. Regardless of it being a test or a demo, if it compels me to the buy the game, I call that a success.


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