PS4 Pro. Back in the family.

Man is it nice to fire up a console and it just works! Adding to that the increased horsepower and refinement of the OS, this is a lot of fun. God of War was first to go. Wow Kratos feels powerful and the immersion is spectacular. I also subscribed to PS Now and jumped in with my wife and played a classic “PixelJunk Monsters”. Overall the experience was smooth. Additionally I fired up one of my favorites, “Red Dead Redemption” although streaming effects the fidelity somewhat, and the 2010 game is showing its age, it was good fun to go back to a game I have spent many hours with in the past.

It’s great to be back and have something (in comparison to the PC) that doesn’t need constant care with hardware and drivers. Also I have missed playing local with another person. First go round was Injustice. Again comparing the PS Now version to the purchased version showed improvements with overall graphic fidelity.

I’m ready for Red Dead Redemption II and Spider-man! I’m also curious about Anthem and going through some classics on PS Now.

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